1 September 2011

Thinking Paper #78: Where is an Ed Miliband?‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


Writing in the Financial Times today, Ed Miliband accuses Dave and George of "standing on the sidelines" as the global economy turmoils itself into a dark pit of nerves and annoying voices. If Dave and George are on the "sidelines", where is Ed Miliband?

The Data

We asked 34 people in the Catford branch of Argos where they thought Ed Miliband was on the economy:
  • 15% thought that he was still in an operating theatre getting his nose fixed
  • 2% said that they knew exactly where he stood on the economy and then ran around the store screaming "tory scum"
  • 12% spontaneously shouted "too far, too fast"
  • 8% said that he might be as far away as Woolwich but they couldn't be sure whether this was further away than the sidelines
  • 67% asked "what is an Ed Miliband?"
Concluding Remarks

It all started in America dammit. Too far, too fast. Gordon Brown. I want to move to China. Labour don't have an economic policy. Lets all print some money. Gordon Brown again.

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