6 September 2011

Thinking Paper #83: Did Chris Huhne's partner drive a Vauxhall Frontera to the top of Snowdon?

By Tim Massingberd James


As people who watch the videos on the BBC website puzzle about how an off road vehicle got to the top of Snowdon, Chris Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham admits it was her wot drove it up.

Did Chris Huhne's partner drive a Vauxhall Frontera to the top of Snowdon?

On the evening of August 3rd, 2011, Carina Trimingham, one of Britain’s most senior shaggers of greying Lib Dems, was enjoying a three-course meal at a restaurant in central London. Meanwhile her partner – the Secretary of State for Climate Change, Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP - was in Llanberis, at the foot of Snowdon, on a study trip to examine the effects of climate change on the Welsh hotel, luxury cheese and fine wine markets.

The next morning Mr Huhne's 4x4 was found at the top of Snowdon, with the slogan “EUropeun Climat Chaynge Ministurs on Tour 2011” written in environmentally sound marker pen across a small but discreet area of the bonnet.

Carina Trimingham was the first to own up, followed by a nervous man from Cheltenham who has watched too much Top Gear called Craig Williams. Trimingham said it was definitely her that did it, and she had chartered a private jet to get from the dinner in Central London in time to make the trip. Craig Williams just sounded nervous, letting on to the IIPBA's researcher that he had received a visit from Simon Hughes MP in the middle of the night at his campsite on Shell Island.


Of course she did, and no one can prove otherwise.

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