16 September 2011

Thinking Paper #104: Libya, Libya, Libya, Libya‏

By Ron Ford Golightly

Dave and his Napoleonic friend visited Libya yesterday. The IIPBA's favourite bits of the visit are summarised below:
  • Dave told Gaddafi that "it was over, give up" and then the Libyan people that it "is not over, we will help you find Gadaffi". Gadaffi was said to be scared and then relieved but mostly just a "mad dog".
  • Nicolas Sarkozy's people spent four hours rounding up really short Libyan's to be filmed alongside their President. In the end they gave President Sarkozy a pair of those tin can stilts with strings to hold on to. This seemed to work quite well.
  • The seasonal analogy continues as we move from the Arab Spring to the Arab Summer, before moving shortly onto the Arab Autumn and Winter. Suggestions on a postcard for Spring 2012.
  • Francois Baroin, the French finance minister, said the trip was not about economic deals but rather to show support for the rebels. But don't worry folks, they still plan to make sure we make money out of the "good war". He added, "We are not at that stage". Yet
  • Seeing the glint in Cameron's eyes as war was made good with high fives and whooping from Libyan children.
Things to look out for in the future:
  • Libyan children called David . Apparently, there are a lot of Kosovan children called "TonyBler" as a first name - brilliant
  • Really, really llucrative deals for British and French companies in Libya - our boys done good.
  • Ed Llewellyn reading more books about neo-conservatism, Blair's wars or military strategy.

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