Ron Ford-Golightly - Director

Ron Ford-Golightly was born in an orphanage and educated in Birmingham. He has a BTEC in Home Economics and a GNVQ in hairdressing.

Following a successful career in hairdressing, he moved to Cornwall to live in a beach hut with his pregnant wife. During this time he requalified as a professional newspaper reader and got a job as a beach comber. His beach combing days ended following the great storm of 1988 and he walked, barefoot, to London.

Ron slicked his hairback and started to wear braces, and soon found he could fake sufficient "confidence" to get a job in finance, where he rose to become a Non-Executive Director of Nakatomi Investment Banking. Though he was unsure what his job entailed, he kept quiet and earned £87.7m over four years.

He left the city shortly afterwards and spent a decade or so watching television and eating microwavable meals. He enjoys barn dancing, blue eyes, royal weddings and super injunctions.

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Tim Massingberd-James - Director

Tim Massingberd-James was born in Swindon, in a typical family (his father Baron Massingberd inherited an 80,000,000 acre estate on the foothills of Mount Kenya and his mother was a blind and illiterate milkmaid from the Swiss town of Grindelwald).

At the age of 14, Tim entered politics, serving as Kenyan Secretary of State for Defence during the Shifta War of the mid-1960s, before returning to Swindon to work as Director of Regeneration and Employment at the city's branch of TK Maxx.

Tim was the first person in his family to go to university, gaining a Higher National Diploma in Strategic Management Diplomacy from the University of Central Taunton.

Tim moved to London in 1989, and for the last 8 years has lived in Penge, with his wife Sarah, who is Global Corporate Services Director for Colin the Baker, High Street, Penge. They have three children; Jonty, Grace and Shanaze, and have adopted a homeless Labradoodle they found in the park last Tuesday.

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Jacinta Burrow BA, MA, MA (Cantab) - Non-Executive Trustee and ginger rights advocate

Born in Sellyoak, Birmingham, Jacinta studied Sewing at Balliol College, Oxford, before qualifying as an astronaut.
At the 1997 general election Jacinta became Conservative MP for Østfold. With the consent of whoever the Tory Leader was at the time, she was appointed by Tony Blair to undertake an Independent Review of Childrens Fiction in 2002.

The Review lasted until her retirement from frontline politics, when she stood down as MP for Østfold in 2005. Jacinta was subsequently elected to the Conservative Party Board for 'Girls and Ethnics', which George Osborne requested meet in the 'special dungeon' at one of his castles twice a year.

Following the 2020 General Election, Jacinta is pencilled in to become the UK's second female Prime Minister.

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Roger Daring - Writer

Roger Daring was born in a post-modern squat in Berlin. In his younger days he spent his time brawling with other squat children and ‘paint mowing’ – a complicated artistic procedure involving a lawnmower.

Since then, he has moved between various European countries taking his unique approach to art with him. He is obsessed with drawing Eric Pickles because “his features form such a tiny part of his overall face.” Through his obsession he developed an interest in British politics and Sky News – Pickles’ favoured stomping ground. He started work for the IIPBA when the editors found him weeing against their office wall and, after reprimanding him, noticed that he had sketched a perfect depiction of Pickles with his urine, a depiction that remains until this day.

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Alexis Horner - Writer

Born and raised in the back terraced housing of an anonymous West Yorkshire town, Alexis Horner was the youngest of nine siblings. She spent her earliest years formulating and chairing a parliamentary committee dedicated to the democratic running of the family home.

Rapidly outgrowing her sawn-off bunk bed, she left her hometown and travelled to the bright lights of Westminster to work as an unofficial special advisor for an anonymous Member of Parliament. After a tip-off from a faithful Guardian correspondent, Alexis sensed the critical eyes of the press bearing down on government accounts, quickly burnt all her invoices and fled to the south coast of Spain.

After being radicalised by a group of post-structuralist herb growers in the Alpujarras Mountains, Alexis returned to Britain. She then started the Growers Alliance co-operative, an organisation dedicated to dismantling corrupt governments through the power of (organic) food. Riding on the success of the ‘Eggs for Eggsposure’ campaign, a joint venture with Wikileaks, Alexis gained a reputation for high-definition investigative journalism.

Alexis joined the IIPBA in late 2009, but was unable to initially contribute due to an ongoing court-case involving a politician who had been harassed by a militant group of hens. After being acquitted in early 2011, Alexis was finally able to return to the Institute.

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Maude Bollingsworth - Writer

Maude Bollingsworth was born in London in a disused tube station. She taught herself degree level politics by reading discarded copies of the Metro and theLondon(news)paper (remember that?).

Following a brief stint as a Republican sympathiser, she went onto be lady in waiting to the Duchess of Cambridge. This stint in the aristocracy ensures she now attends many a social gathering of the British political and landed elite.

Maude’s favourite party piece is doing an impression of George Osborne using a pork chop and a box of matches. She once had the pleasure of sharing an elevator ride with George Osborne and Danny Alexander. At least one of them passed wind.

Maude now lives by the south coast where she enjoys walks along the beach and watching Sky News with her many cats.

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Miguel Rodriguez Murcianado - Child Illustrator

Miguel is from Grenada, Spain and is only 11 years old. We found Miguel drawing a picture of a dog in an alleyway during an office away day in southern Spain. He currently works from his classroom so as not to interrupt his schooling. Aside from drawing pictures of politicians, his other passions include modern British politics, Sky News and football. Miguel hopes to one day have Steve Bell's job at the Guardian where he can draw pictures depicting David Cameron pretending to be a human.

Miguel only communicates with the IIPBA through hand written notes, mostly rambling missives which feature constant reference to his nightmares about 'La Reina Lagarta'. This losely translates as 'Lizard Queen', and is thought to be a reference to Sky News' Kay Burley.

Asked what she thought about Miguel’s work with the IIPBA, Marie, his mother, said "la IIPBA tratar a mi hijo así. Él está en sus cuadros más feliz de dibujo para el IIPBA".

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou - Editor in Chief

Born and educated in London, Georgios studied modern history at Oxford University, where he became joint editor of the University magazine Isis. He has a silly looking nose and is deceptively fat.

After a short spell as a freelance journalist, Georgios joined the Conservative Research Department in 1994 and has since dedicated himself wholly to politics.

Georgios has covered a wide range of issues and departments in his career – including Work and Pensions, Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and Transport.

Before becoming Shadow Chancellor, he served as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Shadow Economic Secretary, as well as sitting on the Public Accounts Select Committee.

In May 2009, Georgios joined the Bilderberg group, an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 140 guests, most of whom are people of influence in the fields of politics, banking, business, the military and news media. The Bilderberg group dictate the direction of current and future wars, global economic policy and the overarching direction of human progress.

In May 2010, he was appointed Editor in Chief of the IIPBA.