5 September 2011

Thinking Paper #81: The harvest is over! Our leaders return‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


That's right keen followers, the wheat has been cut and collected and the nights are drawing in. In 600 or so straw nests around the country, our MPs awaken from their summer slumber of gin lunches and love making in the afternoon. They reluctantly return to work in Westminster to start voting and speaking and such. Everyone that is, apart from Gordon Brown who will be spending a few more days in the fields planting his winter potatoes. His spokesperson informs us that this may take all year, maybe longer, and that we shouldn't expect to see him around the place much.

Is this important?

Erm, the newspapers will be a little bit thicker now that those lot are back making mischief, having affairs and slipping and asliding over the slippery pole of politics. The 24 news channels will also be earning their keep. Black rod will be able to return from his summer job working the "dirty" parts of several eastern European capitals. Ministers will be able to make announcements via high powered digital cameras on a more regular basis. Ed Llewellyn can start planning the next war in time for Christmas. And Ed Miliband can "relaunch" his leadership with a new haircut.

The IIPBA awaits the new term with eager anticipation and that kind of teenage excitement that is but a distant memory.

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