27 September 2011

Thinking Paper # 121: Ed Miliband's "new bargain" - party conference lexicon part deux

Ed Miliband and his voice did something today and then everyone wrote about it.  The IIPBA focuses on some new phrases that his speech writers stole from the film, The Bourne Identity.

Qui•et-cri•sis [kwy-ut kry-zees]: A crime thriller featuring two characters called Ed who wished they had sufficient political imagination to deal with the "common sense problem" of our time.

Ha•rd-work•ing maj•or•i•ty [ard-wurq-in muj-or-ee-t]:  I don't know. Everyone?  No wait, everyone apart from those who watch Jeremy Kyle.

New•bar•gain [nu-bar-gun]: An element of Tescos' new £500m "price war" strategy.  Or a 2 for 1 deal on husband and wife teams in the Cabinet. 

Asse•t Stripp•ers [ass-ut strip-urs]: Strippers who specialise in particular assets e.g. bottoms or feet

Re•spon•si•bili•ty [ri-spon-suh-bili-ee-t] :  Erm, something that your parents should have taught you, but haven't done. Ed's going to do it instead. 

Dec•ades [deck-aids]: A sufficiently long enough period of time to ensure that all political parties can be blamed for the UK's problems and not just New Labour.  Decades includes John Major and that pesky shop keeper, Margaret Thatcher.

Concluding Comments
New Bargain [nu-bar-gun] was mentioned 13 times. I'm scared and a little excited. 


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