27 September 2011

Thinking Paper #119: Who is Jon Craig?‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


The IIPBA keeps seeing Sky News' Jon Craig on the streets of Westminster, and propping up its many bars. Indeed, in the past week we have seen him on three non-consecutive occasions. As a keen believer in eastern mysticism, we presumed that this was something to do with the transcitational balance of the universe and therefore we feel compelled to tell you about Jon Craig.

Jon Craig - man or myth?

Ever since Jon Craig was a little lad, he wanted to be a seasoned broadcaster and print journalist. He is currently the Chief Political Correspondent at Sky News, and since Joey Jones was appointed ahead of him as Deputy Political Editor, he's going to have to wait for Fatty Boulton to die before he gets any higher.

In his current job, he stands outside government buildings in the cold for hours on end trying to turn no new news into breaking news. For the record, he and others in his species are actually very good at doing this, and he IIPBA respects them for it.

Jon has more than 25 years experience of standing outside government buildings. So far he has stood outside Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and the Cabinet Office. It is rumoured that he has yet to fulfil his lifelong ambition of standing outside the Department for Education.

Jon has broken many political stories whilst stood outside these buildings including the arrest of Adam Boulton and the birth of Kay Burley. When not stood outside Government buildings one of his other favourite places to stand - where the IIPBA has regularly seen him - is in Moncrieff's, the Press Gallery Bar, where he presumably only drinks soft drinks as he is a highly professional man.

Concluding comments

Jon Craig is a tall man with a lovely tanned complexion and reasonable head of hair for a man of his age. He looked a little angry and tired when we last saw him. We think he deserves a holiday, or a promotion.

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