8 September 2011

Thinking Paper #86: TV just got better

By Ron Ford Golightly


Apologies for missing this followers. Dave has kind of said, via The Guardian’s political correspondent, (Vauxhall) Allegra Stratton, that judges’ sentencing of offenders is to be televised as part of his push towards transparency in public services. The IIPBA believes this to be an excellent post-bureaucratic idea.

The Detail

The Tory government and Friends have realised three things: (1) The public love watching TV (2) The public love watching reality TV (3) The public love watching reality TV in which people, good or bad, get punished, physically or mentally.

Concluding remarks

For some, this may seem like terrible news, for others such as Simon Cowbell and Rupert Murdoch, this is excellent news. For the IIPBA, we don’t care who prospers, it’s transparency, entertainment and the post-bureaucratic agenda that counts.

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