The Institute for Ideas in a Post-Bureaucratic Age

The Institute for Ideas in a Post Bureaucratic Age is a new think tank which conducts research into important issues like the evolution of David Cameron's bald spot, if policemen should be more corrupt, and whether the person who makes the tea at Number 10 Downing Street is taller than an IKEA bookshelf.

Our long-term aim is to forward the Post-Bureaucratic agenda, and finally bring about the Post-Bureaucratic Age that Prime Minister David Cameron has promised us.

“We want to usher in a new post-bureaucratic age. What we mean by the post-bureaucratic age: the satisfying clunk-click of political philosophy matching contemporary reality to produce a genuinely historic shift in how we organise our affairs”. (David Cameron, 18th March 2009)

There we have it. A completely clear and concise assessment of our mission statement from the mouth of our shiny-faced Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP.

Oliver Letwin, currently the Minister of State for the Cabinet Office, said that the post bureaucratic age may take 10 years to implement (really?), and the IIPBA has pledged to stand tall and steady alongside Letwin until the very end.


Our mission is:

1. To be the face and voice of the PBA;

2. To ensure that the PBA is sufficiently supplied with well researched and sufficiently post-bureaucratic thinking papers;

3. To lobby Simon Hoggart on PBA related issues; and

4. To highlight the flaws of post bureaucratic and bureaucratic politicians at home and abroad.


The IIPBA has its origins in colonial politics of the nineteenth century and is influenced by the Illuminations of the sixteenth century and the apathetic and indifferent movement of the late twentieth and early twenty first century. In its latest form, the looks forward to the future for its inspiration and direction and is currently in its pre-post-bureaucratic period.

Staff & Budget

The IIPBA currently employs 734 people including analysts, researcher analysts, spreadsheet analysts, analyst analysts, phone cleaners, toilet cleaners, keyboard cleaners, financial advisors, language advisors, communication advisors, lawyers, managing directors, creative directors, financial directors, communications directors, administrative staff, secretaries, more managing directors, board members, security personnel, artists, more administrative staff, press officers, media officers, communication officers, training and development officers, editors, co-editors, sub-editors, part time editors, editors in chief, editors at large, chefs, assistant chefs, pastry chefs, sous chefs, grid operators, calendar operators, spreadsheet operators and phone operators.

The IIPBA has a budget of £3.4 million per annum which is made up primarily of donations from supporters and sympathisers. 100% of 2010 pre-tax profits were donated to charities for ill dogs, donkeys, parrots, blind cats and children.