12 September 2011

Thinking Paper #91: The Grafters

By Ron Ford Golightly


Expect to hear a lot about “Grafters” in the coming months. Ed Miliband has decided to launch his re-launch this autumn and his advisors have been working hard to find out who this years Mondeo man is. The answer? The “grafter”.

What is a grafter?

We think that it is someone who sits somewhere between the “squeezed middle” and the M25. They used to drive a Ford Mondeo and they like nothing more than a Chinese takeaway on a Friday night after a few pints down their local. They tend to not like “those lot” that much.

In short, we think that it’s a section of the middle class that Ed needs to secure the vote of to win an election. But they don’t want to call them the middle class because no one really knows what this is anymore, so they’ve come up with other words.

Concluding remarks

Expect to see the Conservatives and Friends come back with something equally confusing. Might we be so bold as to suggest they go with the post-bureaucratic warriors, the squeezed Johnsons or the decent, hard working folk of God knows where.

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