29 September 2011

Thinking Paper: Happy birthday Silvio

By Ron Ford Golightly

To commemorate Silvio Berlusconi's 75th birthday today, the IIPBA has set out the following quiz questions. To play along at home, simply answer 'True' or 'False':

  1. Berlusconi only managed to have sex with 8 prostitutes during his new year eve party in 2009 - he was aiming for 11
  2. Everyone criticises Berlusconi because they are jealous of his lifestyle which closely resembles that of a decadent Roman Emperor
  3. Berlusconi is an accomplished double bass player and he co-wrote the anthem for AC Milan football club
  4. Amongst other things, Berlusconi's Freedom party aims to combat the "bureaucratic oppression of Italians". Hear, hear!
  5. Berlusconi has a pizza named after him in Finland - the main topping is smoked Reindeer.
  6. Berlusconi once had a game of hide and seek with Chancellor Merkel
Happy birthday Silvio - we think that you are both dreadful and brilliant!

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