30 September 2011

Friday's Thinking Points

By Ron Ford Golightly and Tim Massingberd James
  • It’s one year ago this week that Labour voted in the wrong brother. This becomes clearer with every facial expression that Ed Miliband bands across our lovely widescreen televisions.
  • A 16 year old lad cares about politics, and is being compared to William Hague. The IIPBA looks forward to stories about how nothing happened in the hotel room he shared with a pretty looking chap during the 2031 election campaign.
  • The IMF runs out of made up money as some more made up money is set to be printed on Mervyn King's home computer. Across the channel a "Grand Plan" is announced to save the Euro which includes something about making up some more future money to help banks etc.
  • Is Michael Jackson's former doctor a bad lad or not? The IIPBA is confused.
  • Another freakin iphone is released (the iphone 78) with a super duper hyper senstive touch screen and a 1650mAh battery widget board. Am I the only one to still be excited by a nice cloud or the sight of a crow eating a tomato?
  • In other technology based news, Facebook relaunched this week with a new feature which allows billions of people to bore billions of other people with more insipid details of their life.
  • No matter how hard the papers try to find pictures of Amanda Knox looking mental, the IIPBA still would.
  • Christmas arrives sooner than expected as shops struggle to sell crap to people who definitely don't need any more crap in their lives or mince pies or advent calendars or christmas crackers or bloody bells on top.

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