23 September 2011

Thinking Paper # 114: Friday's Thinking Points

  • After dismissing Tony Blair's foreign policy of "Liberal Interventionism", David Cameron tells the UN that he has come up with his own approach to foreign policy.  It's called "Liberal Interventionism".  The IIPBA shakes it's head with despair.

  • Nick Clegg makes a speech in which he shouts words loudly to give the impression that he cares more than he does.
  • One woman in Dudley faints after being told that Oliver Letwin, the Minister responsible for government transparency, sends emails using his personal account to avoid his thoughts being read by those pesky civil servants.  Michael Gove tweets "couldn't give a flying curriculum... I bloody love my gmail account".
  • There are fears in the IIPBA tea room that if Ministers have to release the contents of their personal email accounts in a drive for transparency, the daily mash of newspapers will concentrate on nothing else for two weeks, in turn excluding all real issues involving humans.
  • Wikileaks leaker leaks his own autobiography to some more leakers who then put it on Wikileaks.  That fella at Wikileaks sues himself and his own book and leaks themselves for being so leaky.
  • Everyone starts taking counter-terrorism seriously following a threat made to the real Queen of England, Cherly Cole.
  • Ed Miliband looks confused when he's told that the "squeezed middle" actually includes everyone.  Cue re-re-re launch including new haircut and snappier suit.
  • Humanity takes another step towards Utopia following the announcement this week that there are now more people in the world who are obese than are starving.

  • See you next week ...viva la PBA

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