6 September 2011

Thinking Paper #82: Murdochery in the afternoon

By Ron Ford Golightly


Murdochery is on the bill this afternoon at 4pm as David Cameron appears before the Liaison Committee, the biggest dog of all the toothless select committees. He is expected to answer questions on Europe and the media and his holiday in Cornwall.

Eyes down

For those in offices watching Sky news on their wide screen TV's, keep an eye out for fat guys with shaving foam, phrases like "wilfully blind" and references to the "Chipping Norton set". For those who are lucky enough to sit behind the Prime Minister in the room as the questioning happens, please keep an eye out for the emergence of the young chaps bald spot. Pictures and drawings can be sent to the IIPBA via contact details provided on the website.

Expected outcomes

Rupert Murdoch will be removed from Cameron's christmas card lift. Cameron will say things like "completely unacceptable". And the Prime Minister might get a little sweaty.

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