15 September 2011

Thinking paper #101 - Ed Miliband at the TUC

By Maude Bollingsworth


Earlier this week, Ed Miliband, a year into leading the Labour party, faced one of his first major challenges. He had to stand up, and done a speech to the Trade Union Congress. It wasn't that great.

Ed Miliband at the TUC

He really didn't do a great job, and it ultimately resulted in him telling the smaller than usual Congress hall that he believed the strikes of last Winter were a mistake, and in fact he doesn't think much of how they've been behaving at all.

There was, however, something strange about Ed's speech and appearance. At the IIPBA offices, our big telly seemed so show a different delivery and demeanour. He seemed a little more relaxed and settled and yet more resistant to supporting the Unions' cause and/or methods. The crowd seemed to pick up on this and heckled him, which was quite amusing. But had they noticed something was afoot? To be quite frank, he didn't look like awkward Ed.

Final thoughts

What caused this? Could it have been the surgery he had to fix his adenoids, or was he a little too tanned from his Holidays?

Where is the real Ed Miliband? This one is a fake and we don't like him. Brother David would never have done this. We're getting a bit tired of you now Ed.

Or was it David that faced the TUC?

The IIPBA will continue to investigate.

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