23 September 2011

Thinking paper # 115 : The real proportional representation

By Alexis Horner 


We all know the importance of the electoral polls, but haven’t we missed something? Nobody wants a lop-sided sarcastic grin on Newsnight, nor an elongated left ear lobe on Question time. Isn’t the most important part of our parliamentary system based on how pretty the cabinet looks on the front bench?  The IIPBA has found that the root is in the symmetry.


With Camo and Master Clegg, it’s all down to the nose. Whilst the wide inner ocular distance on Camo’s brow may hinder his vertical symmetry, Clegg’s nose lets him down. We all know how offensive an ill-proportioned nose to face ratio may appear next to the classically aligned bust of Camo in Downing Street. Unfortunately, neither the long face of Miliband E or the lobey Miliband D could face the mirror-down-your-face test (a long established tradition of electoral selection in certain homes around the country). So, armed with the mirror of truth, we must reconsider our criteria for government. Symmetry for selection; the real proportional representation.

Editors note: The IIPBA board of trustees would like to issue a warm welcome to our newest contributor, Alexis.  

Tim MJ and Ron FG issued the following statement: "We are dead bloody chuffed to have Alexis on board.  We are confident that not only will she liven up the IIPBA tea room during 11seys, but she will also play a keystone role in ushering in the PBA age. Viva la revolution".  

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