1 September 2011

Thinking Paper #79: Transcendental meditation and The Daily Mail‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


The Daily Mail recently responded angrily (really?) to news that one of Michael Gove's new Free Schools is to offer classes in yoga and meditation. Continuing along this weeks theme of education, the IIPBA investigates.

The Daily Mail comments page

As you know, the Daily Mail comments page has a tendency to react rather strongly to stories such as this. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across a rather balanced and well informed discussion immediately following the article. The IIPBA fully supports transcendental meditation and yoga as part of any healthy lifestyle and curriculum. It really does. The IIPBA also thinks that Andy Burnham, the Shadow Education minister, and the Daily Mail should shut up and listen to the sensible voices of the Daily Mail readers.

For example, Barry Spivack from Suffolk rightly points out that although the government is paying for school costs, the school itself has to find the funds for teaching Transcendental Meditation from other sources. Here's to you Barry.

And Richard Hobbs from London correctly states that "Transcendental Meditation alone has been shown to have profound effects on academic results, brainwave integration, creativity, intelligence and stress reduction". Here, here.

Concluding Remarks

Mrs Golightly would like to add that meditation and yoga are both wonderful things. She said that "The greater population need to realise they have a physical body and an astral body, and that both need to be exercised". Mrs Golightly can be contacted via our email for further comment.

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