9 September 2011

Thinking Paper #89 - We're all in this together...remember that?‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


Politics can often be boiled down to a few lines being repetitively uttered by men in suits at podiums, despatch boxes, or GQ Man of the Year awards ceremonies. Over a long enough timeline, people in pubs start saying these lines and then they vote for a party. This week we look at Gideon "the pork chop" Osborne through the perspective of his lines to take.

"Labour didn't fix the roof while the sun was shining" was something Gideon came up with whilst sat on the toilet struggling with the previous nights meal. Depending on who you read, it won them an election. That, or Gordon Brown's face.

Following the electoral landslide of 2010, they came up with some more lines....

"We're all in this together", remember that? Me neither. This was Gideon's line when he first came into power in May 2010. We haven't seen it in a while because most people who know how to read or have the ability to listen, have come to the opposite conclusion. He also probably said things like "deficit deniers", "I will not come up with a Plan B you silly sausage" and "you Labour lot need a plan you rotters".

The Future

The IIPBA urges its followers to keep an eye out for the following lines in the future:

  • "It all started in America";
  • "It all started in Europe";
  • "We're trying to fix the roof where the sun don't shine"
  • "The UK's economy is growing faster than the economies of Yemen, Tonga and the Principality of Necromanga"; and
  • "We're trying to fix the mess left by Gordon Brown" (on loop until the economy picks up);
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