26 September 2011

Thinking paper #116: Conference Season Lexicon guide‏ - Part 1

By Alexis Horner


Here at the IIPBA, we’ve been feeling a little bit confused of late. There have been a lot of people in yellow ties gabbling on the talking-box and our political translator has been struck down with RSI. So, we’ve made a glossary - a guide, if you will - to the tough terrain of conference chatter.

Conference Season Lexicon guide‏ - Part 1

Re•spon•si•ble Cap•i•tal•ism [ri-spon-suh-buh l kap-i-tl-iz-uh m]: When you receive a condolences card from Cable and co. attached to your final notice; also, the buzzword for Huhne’s pioneering idea to get Queenie ‘proper grinning’ on all £20 notes.

Re•gion•al Growth Fund [ree-juh-nl grohth fuhnd]: A special part of the 2011 budget set aside to help Nick Clegg grow some balls.

Co•a•li•tion A•gree•ment [koh-uh-lish-uh n uh-gree-muh nt]: An alliance between Clegg and Camo, often temporary, to order fair trade (but not organic) tea bags for number 10.

To be updated the more our wonderful leaders gabble...

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