28 September 2011

Thinking Paper #122 – Should we care whether or not Ed Miliband is anti-business?

By Tim Massingberd James


As Ed Mili-bland takes to the Today Programme to tell snoozing Brits that he is “not anti-business”, the IIPBA asks whether this is important, and if we should care?

Should we care whether or not boring Ed is anti-business?

Ed Miliband gave a fairly ordinary speech yesterday where he said some things about how some people were good and some were bad, and he had a special gift that means he can tell which ones are which before the bad stuff they are doing is uncovered.

At the IIPBA offices, we were positively glued to our tellies for the speech, and certainly didn't use the afternoon for a bike ride to a 13th century public garden which was once home to Railway Children author E Nesbit. That's why we know what we're talking about.

During our tour of the garden, a nice old lady remarked what nice weather we're having for late September, and the look in her eyes suggested she had never heard of Ed Miliband, didn't care who he was, and was quite happy not to know.

Since then, the IIPBA has conducted an in depth survey of 30,000 brits and has found that not a single real person actually cares about who Ed Miliband is, or what he thinks. The most popular reason for this was "because he will never be Prime Minister".

This morning's interview justifying his not-anti-business credentials was, therefore, an exercise in futility, especially given that eventually Ed Balls will manage to get rid of him, and will then fall on his own sword. Instead, the IIPBA suggests they should have cancelled the interview, and replaced it with a vintage radio episode of Dad's Army, as a tribute to that nice David Croft chap.


We should not care. And whilst the sun is shining we shouldn't really care about the numbers in the FTSE either. Save that for proper autumn.

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