7 September 2011

Thinking Paper #84 - PMQs Bingo 1

By Jacinta Burrow and Tim Massingberd James


Politics is well boring if you pretend that anything that is said and done actually matters. So with the return of Prime Ministers Questions for the autumn season, we present our first PMQs bingo series, with sixteen regular occurrences for you to cross off at home.

PMQs Bingo
Watch PMQs from the beginning, whilst following the live chat on http://order-order.com/. Extra points are awarded for references to rocking horses or more than a hundred profanities witnessed during the live chat.

Tick off any of the points below as they happen and award yourself a slap-up lunch at White's if you get all sixteen.
  • John Bercow refers to someone "chuntering from a sedentary position"
  • The Prime Minister flexes his political historian muscles with a "The Hon Member has been in the House for x years"
  • Fellow Members should "Reading!” as one of the new crowd gets to their feet with well prepared notes
  • A Labour MP refers to cuts which are “Too far, too fast”
  • A Tory backbencher tries to suck up to the Prime Minister with a "Will the Prime Minister congratulate..."
  • The Prime Minister makes a reference to an opposition MP having had their question prepared by the whips
  • Miliband says "he just doesn't get it"
  • An MP who asks a question looks like they were born in the 80s
  • More than two MPs reference Alistair Darling's book
  • The Prime Minister references Alistair Darling's book
  • Ed Balls obviously shouts something at the Prime Minister during a reply
  • George Osborne obviously shouts something at Ed Miliband during a question
  • Ed Miliband says something about how the Prime Minister said yesterday he was a "liberal practical Conservative" and today he said he was a "practical eurosceptic"
  • Dennis Skinner asks a question about Rupert Murdoch
  • Ed Miliband says the Tories should disband in England and Wales, as well as Scotland, and might use the phrase "don't want to intrude on private grief"
  • Dave references Ed's adenoid operation as a “nose job”


Get back to work.

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