21 September 2011

Thinking Paper # 109 : Plan C or something

The BBC reported today that plans for injecting £50bn into the economy are being discussed at that big table in No10 where white people sit around and discuss things that will impact on your life.   Danny "the Bilderberg" Alexander and Chris "the haircut" Huhne said that they didn't "recognise" this number and they didn't even know what a billion quid was.  We found this worrying.  Now, to get to the nub of the issue, is this or is this not Plan B or C or another letter?  Why doesn't our Chief Secretary to the Treasury know what money is?  And, for god sake, how many economic plans does one failing economy need?

£ £ £ £ £ £ £
The deets

We announced last week (see Thinking Paper # 98) that Nick Clegg had already announced a Plan B which involved making internet connections using melted down civil servants.  This was definitely Plan B.  Even Ed Balls agreed.  He said "thank Christ we've got a plan B, I ruddy love plan B's".

So what the chuff is this £50bn about?  I for one am a bit fed up with hearing about another economic plan.  Bring Gordon Brown back from the dead or John Keynes or something. 

Concluding remarks

Nick Robinson, the Conservative Minister for the BBC, said that this is definitely not a u-turn.  Ha.  I for one love u-turns, this kind of means that our government are thinking about things and can be flexible in the face of changing circumstances.  That's a good thing right? 

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