19 September 2011

Thinking Paper: Boris Johnson - an unexpected champion of the post bureaucratic age?

By Ron Ford Golightly


Let’s take a break from the Lib Dem conference of forever bashing Tories for a minute and look at the impending release of the biography of Boris “the Olympian erection” Johnson.


According to the biography, it was suggested to Boris that when he became Mayor he hire someone who could actually run something so that he could simply fill the role of the “bubbles in the champagne”. Unsurprisingly, Boris was keen on the idea of being paid lots of money to do nothing. Sadly for him, this idea fell through and he went on to impregnate a woman and try a little harder at doing a job that people had elected him to do.

Concluding remarks

The IIPBA rather likes the idea of replacing politicians with people who have experience of managing things. Obviously, this would leave Boris without a job. We therefore suggest that he pursue the role of Silvio Berlusconi in the upcoming cinematic epic “Berlusconi: Sperm monster of the south”.

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