31 October 2011

Thinking Paper # 180: #timeforplanB

For crying out loud, this think-tank intern is getting really tired of talk of plan B.  What on earth do you think Nick Clegg re-announced today and originally announced a couple of months ago?  An FDR style new deal, a Gordon Brown style plan to Build Britain's Future, whatever you want to call it, Cameron and Cleggs "chuck loads of money at developing infrastructure" is the same in all but name.  The IIPBA gets frustrated.

The Gordon Brown tribute band

For all of his negative traits, Gordon Brown was well good at chucking hundreds of billions of "taxpayers" money (cue angry mutterings) at national projects to get the economy moving and to create jobs.  Nick Clegg and David Cameron both called him a "silly old sausage" but have then just gone and re-announced similar pledges from the Brown era - namely kickstarting infrastrucutre projects to get the economy moving.

Concluding comments

David Cameron is said to be "straining every sinew" to create growth and jobs.  An image of him on the toilet comes to mind. But no, it's £1bn on 100 projects.  Why 100?   I hear you sister Jacinta.

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