10 October 2011

Thinking Paper #145: Chris Huhne: A rather fun distraction‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


It’s really very difficult to be interested in anything else when Chris Huhne is around. For me, he’s become a must watch Minister, mainly due to fact that he balances a wonderful combination of being slightly pompous with a nice element of being rather easy to ridicule. In addition to this, he’s got a lovely haircut, not like that awkward back comb that the Prime Minister enjoys.

Chris Huhne: A rather fun distraction‏

Things that I’ve liked about Chris Huhne recently:

1) He was the only Cabinet Minister to be quoted in defence of Liam “Fox in the box” Fox. When asked he said that Liam “should be seen as innocent until proven guilty”. This is particularly fun given the existing police investigations into whether or not he is able to drive a car (or something)

2) He got himself into a hole this week for accidentally making a private tweet public. He then said sorry to Theresa May for saying that she looked like Nigel Farrage. Which she doesn't. In the opinion of the IIPBA she looks more like a rather beautiful bird of prey e.g. an Osprey

3) Half of the Cabinet keep making jibes about him in public.

4) He tried to reflect ongoing accusations about his speeding habits onto Phil “the haircut” Hammond by claiming that big Phil had recently received points for speeding. Spads at the department for transport denied this. Who cares? I for one am enjoying the transport related negative briefing against one another.

5) Although they didn’t happen this week I can always cheer myself up by reminding myself that (a) he claims to be the most economically literate member of the cabinet (is this depressing or laughable - I can’t decide) (b) his middle name is Murray


Have a nice week Chris

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