21 October 2011

Thinking Paper #168: Media Storm Generation by Stereotype Matching‏

By Charlie Umtali


Millions of people woke up earlier this week to witness a live broadcast of an archetype Tory dream of an entire field of travellers, and their self-appointed scruffy haired young heroic defenders, being forcibly ejected from land by baton-wielding police and court-approved-documentation-wielding bailiffs.

This creates a supreme irony considering Paddy 'King of the Gypsies' Doherty was recently crowned winner of the latest Celebrity Big Brother, but in itself may be an early indication of an automatic karmic rebalancing of the UK media narrative, specifically designed not to disrupt the delicate nature of the Coalition.

The biggest eviction since Jedward

In one of those 'it could only happen under a [mostly] Tory government moments', we'll soon be bombarded with how fantastically close backbenchers came to 'forcing' a referendum on EU membership, after weeks of chatter on how the UK will likely be asked to pony-up more cash for the even-though-we-aren't-in-the-club-we-still-have-to-chip-in-because-we-need-to-make-sure-those-in-the-club-have-enough-cash-to-trade-with-us eurozone bailout.

Worried about NHS changes? Hey, just take a look at how nice Mr Hanson is stressing and struggling to make sure Holby can make it to the hallowed Foundation Trust status before the SHA restructuring, then come back and tell me the system doesn't need changing!

Think the changes to the benefit system are much too much, much too soon? Didn't you just see that programme on Romanian street beggars who claim thousands of pounds a month by faking multiple identities? Using OUR money?

Every possible Conservative stereotype will soon be hyped-up, over analysed, squeaked-at by the Official Opposition, and then reified into a delightfully consumable media story or narrative episode, for ease of digestion for the hung Parliament voting masses. You can't win majorities without bringing a few thousand people over to your way of thinking. There's still three years to go y'know.


Having reached a state of almost pure transcendence, the producers of this week's Sky News broadcast now will be taking a short break to plan the next 'textbook Tory' red meat coverage for their viewership. Perhaps a live broadcast of the Select Committee drafting of a trades-union busting bill, or perhaps a streaming twitter feed of the passage of a Statutory Instrument rescinding the minimum wage. We'll soon be partying like it's 1983.

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