20 October 2011

Thinking Paper #166: A bit of the old In/Out‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


Hold onto your Johnson's folks, there is a debate next Monday in Parliament to discuss whether or not to have an In/Out referendum on the EU. The media already taste blood and the Tory Whips are said to be "well pissed off" about having to work over the weekend to round up those naughty rebels.

How excited should we all get?

Not very, it's not nearly as exciting as it first seems. The referendum won't happen because, despite the issue being the equivalent of a tool of torture for the Tories, the party will be whipped into voting against a referendum. Labour are pro-European. And, despite being "committed" to having an in-out referendum in its manifesto, the Lib Dems will vote for no such thing because Nick Clegg realised a long time ago that his manifesto was written by Danny Alexander.

Of course, if the IIPBA is wrong, our Cabinet secretary will hold a "root and branch inquiry".

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