9 October 2011

Thinking Paper #144 - Happy birthday David Cameron

By Ron Ford Golightly


Our beloved Prime Minister is 45 today. A fine age sir. Happy Birthday. To celebrate, the IIPBA has arranged an evening with our trustees and sponsors to which the Prime Minister is invited in the open letter below.

Happy birthday David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister,

We would like to extend our warm congratulations on reaching the ripe age of 45. May we be so bold as to invite you to an evening soiree at The Harp public house opposite the Post Office just off of Trafalgar square? Toby Young has yet to RSVP but we expect him to be attending. The same goes for our favourite reader, would-be trustee and all round splendid chap, Gabriel Milland.

We presumed that you may have had alternative plans so we have taken the liberty of also inviting your wife and close friends who have all RSVPed.
Celebrations will kick off from 7pm. Your first drink is free, but this excludes double measures on spirits apart from house spirits. There will be a George Osborne themed quiz and stimulating conversation about your bald spot.

We do hope that you can make it,

Kind regards,

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