14 October 2011

Friday's Thinking Points

With Tim Massingberd James and Ron Ford Golightly

Friday's thinking points:
  • It is now acceptable to have your own Special Advisor off the record, off the books and behind the Prime Minister's back. The IIPBA is getting one from Ghana who will live in the stationary cupboard.
  • It is now acceptable to eat Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, as long as he has been is viewed as an act of humanity. The IIPBA fancies a Hugh steak with a glass of Shiraz.
  • It is now acceptable to dispose of high security documents in the bins in St James' Park. The IIPBA followed Cheryl Gillan and found nothing but discarded 'battle rhymes'.
  • It is now acceptable to stream live video footage of a dead girl's flat in the name of 'public interest'. The IIPBA thought - if pushed - that it looked a bit too Ikea.
  • It is now acceptable to make jokes about Paul McCartney's wife again. The IIPBA read one on Popbitch about how Nancy Shevell spends twice as much on shoes.
  • It is now unacceptable for Conservative politicians to talk about disbanding the union, after billions of pounds of oil was found on a housing estate in Glasgow. The IIPBA is looking forward to upcoming Rab C Nesbitt episodes.

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