29 October 2011

Saturday Poem #2: Foxy/ Knoxy

Oh what became of Amanda Knox?
Who with her cartwheels, lit the fire
That set alight, the paper talk
And cast her, heaving, on the pyre

She groaned, and moaned
And for a while, the court, she owned
But twas not she who did the deed
All she ever did was weed

And what became of our Liam Fox?
A tragic man, more right than right
His job, his life, his power gone
But he’ll be back, he’s got some fight!

He rose, then fell
And now he sits, in backbench Hell
But some say he was hunted down
Just like mere prey? Or nay, a clown?

Oh what became of Fox and Knox?
Their stars shone out from modern stocks
While Liam’s dies, hers does rise
And all because of lies, damn lies?

But in this world of shattered dreams
Where nothing’s ever as it seems
What odds a treat on the Holy Box
On Channel 4: ‘When Fox Met Knox?’

By Samuel Stopp, Co-Editor of The Starr Blog

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