6 October 2011

Thinking Paper #139: Will someone please think of their poor wives?‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


During Dave's speech I went for a really nice walk in my head as I day dreamed about a day out in Dungeness. However, I did catch the end of it as a flash of beautiful red appeared on the screen in the form of a Samantha Cameron. She's pretty isn't she?

Will someone please think of their poor wives?‏

Of course, as a political trick, it's as old as Iain Duncan Smiths forehead. But for god sake, why do political leaders feel the need to drag their poor wives up on stage with them at the end of a conference speech?

Some speculation

a) Attractive wives make ugly politicians look better

b) Male politicians go through a rather lengthy stage of adolescence. This means that going out with a girl is something you've got to tell all of your mates about. If you get to see her boobs, you get extra points.

c) It's still electorally bad to be gay and kissing your wife on national television will convince the electorate that you are not.

d) Women are allowed to vote

Our advice to political leaders

Leave her bloody be, she's not a freaking show pony. Or a dancing Monkey for that matter. She's married you hasn't she? The IIPBA thinks this is more than enough.

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