24 October 2011

Thinking Paper #169 - Rioters 'young and less well off' shock.

By Tim Massingberd James


The BBC trumpets a 'study' this morning which has spent ages gathering statistics to show the summer's rioters where disproportionately 'poorer, younger, less educated'. The IIPBA doesn't know how much these Home Office figures cost to put together, but we'd have done it cheaper, as this was about the most obvious conclusion possible. We have prepared some other studies below, to save public money.

The studies
  • Retired white people 'more likely to visit National Trust properties'.
  • Cyclists 'more likely to die in cycling accidents'.
  • More than four doughnuts a day 'probably not a good idea'.
  • People with gardens 'more likely to invite friends to a barbeque'.
  • Frequent drinkers 'more likely to die of alcohol-related illness'.
The articles

Repeat this simple format on your news website/ in your paper...

[The headline]

The most comprehensive statistics published so far on [the problem] show that [the obvious conclusion].

The [Government Department] figures, released [recently] show that [statement supporting the obvious conclusion].

Mr [Name of expert], [reputable expert on this subject matter], said “[concise quote summarising the situation]".

The conclusion

It is easier to write news copy that takes little effort

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