14 October 2011

Thinking Paper #156: The Oliver Letwin approach to the post bureaucratic age‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


We've got one thing to say to the Information Commissioner and the troglodytes over at Labour HQ. Back off. In the eyes of the IIPBA, Oliver Letwin is a hero. So what if he disposed of letters from constituents and fellow MPs into bins in St James Park, London. Have you ever read a letter from a constituent? They're bloody moronic. We just wish that the IIPBA had thought of this first.

What boring Ed had to say on the matter

Ed Miliband said that Letwin should stop treating bits of paper with "contempt" and be more "sensitive" around office stationery as he sat stroking a stapler in his constituency office. He added that he found this behaviour "worrying". No Ed, what is truly worrying is that you are Her Majesty's official opposition.

Elsewhere, Michael Dugher, one of Gordon Brown's ex-spinners, said "It cannot be that there is one rule for ministers and another for everyone else". What? We're all allowed to use bins Michael, you seemingly irrelevant human being. Michael added "Ed Miliband for one has never thrown anything in the bin. He likes to pretend that he's a post box and eat his constituency letters with a dash of tobasco sauce."

St James's Park?

For those of you not reading from the Westminster bubble, St James Park is wonderful. There are ducks and swans and Spanish tourists taking pictures of squirrels. It's the ideal spot to have a little read of some unclassified papers, enjoy a cigar or watch the world go by. We applaud Letwin's approach to non-office based working. I for one would love to occasionally see some natural light or stare at a duck eating a piece of cheeseburger.

Concluding comments

Thank you Oliver Letwin. You have always been a pioneer of the post bureaucratic age and for this we are indebted to you.

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