14 October 2011

Thinking Paper #157: Liam Fox - A root and branch inquiry‏

An apology

Following the news of Liam Fox's resignation, IIPBA Co-Director, Ron Ford Golightly has issued the following statement:

"As the co-Director of a high profile Westminster think-tank it is important to acknowledge the mistakes I make both in the private (sorry Mrs Go-lightly) and professional spheres. I am therefore writing to apologise to you, the reader, for my rather mistaken belief that Fox would survive the storm of Werrity(see Thinking Paper # 153) and that David "I can't believe it's not butter" Cameron would kick it all into the long grass. This was unacceptable and I must face the consequences of my actions."

The root and branch inquiry

IIPBA Co-Director Tim Massingberd James responded:

"The IIPBA can announce to you today that we will be paying an extortionate amount of money to a former Civil Servant to chair an independent, root and branch inquiry. He will report back to us in 16 years time with a number of recommendations that we could probably come up with over a cup of tea in the IIPBA coffee room.

This is all we have to say on the matter."

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