17 October 2011

Thinking Paper #159: Gove misses the point‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for calculators and highlighter pens, has reportedly had a clear out of his senior civil servants in order to bring in some “senior business executives” to shake up the department. The IIPBA suggests that he is missing the point.

Civil servants - An expose

According to “sources” (is that you Gabriel?), Gove has become increasingly frustrated at the “refusal” of junior civil servants to move faster on implementing far reaching reforms. Gove is said to be “really worried” that “the left leaning education establishment” (?) are “foot dragging” and has therefore decided to advertise for some high flying fat cats to come in and kick some “left leaning” Johnson‘s into shape.

Main point missed # 1

It’s not that they, the “left leaning establishment”, are “out to get you” Michael. The junior civil servants that so frustrate you simply enjoy getting in of a morning at 10am (and this is considered early) and need to leave by 4.30pm in order to beat the rush hour. They must have an hour for lunch in order to keep pret a manger in business and they require at least 4 hours on the internet per day. ‘Top table’ bookings and last minute holidays don’t book themselves now do they?

Main point missed # 2

“Senior business executives” are no doubt very much used to “getting things done” in the private world, and I dare say they are rather good at it. They enjoy working with enthusiastic, money driven young go getters who are willing to put in that extra weekend of work for their in year bonus and company car. They will have a rude awakening when they join the civil service.


That is all Michael. Gabriel, we would be grateful if you could circulate to Spads and ministerial submission boxes please.

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