13 October 2011

Thinking Paper #153: The Liam Fox Calendar of Events‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


Some more Liam Fox related thoughts (poor Liam Fox)

The Liam Fox Calendar of Events‏

The Liam Fox media train rumbles on at top speed and the IIPBA is getting

bored/excited/Adam Werrity. In order to cut through the vast swathes of media babble the IIPBA provides you with a look ahead at key Liam Fox related dates.

Wednesday 12th October (midday): Ed Miliband to get really "angry" during PMQs and say things like "unacceptable", "the Prime Minister must show some leadership" and "do you like my new shadow cabinet - they're pretty aren't they?"

Thursday 13th October: A redtop newspaper to step ever closer to claiming that Liam Fox is gay with Chris Grayling or the mysterious man who stayed in the guest room. (Editor's note - Liam Fox is not gay and has a lovely wife called Jesme)

Friday 14th October: Under the joint guidance of Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, Liam Fox to announce that the UK is at war with the Republic of Magestan.

Saturday 15th October: Everyone to have a nice lie-in and then go shopping for things.

Sunday 16th - Thursday 20th: Newspapers to run out of things to say and to concentrate instead on who Katie Price is marrying/divorcing/mating with.

Friday 21st October: Full report to be published into how many business cards Adam Werrity actually has. The Prime Minister to have a jolly good read of it and then boot it really hard into the long grass. Liam Fox to celebrate his survival with a knees up with Adam Werrity in Dubai alongside Silvio Berlusconi, Paul McCartney and Mrs Fox.

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