22 August 2011

Thinking Paper #64: Son of Tony B‏

By Ron Ford-Golightly


Over the weekend, David Cameron's spiritual father switched off his sunbed and chastised his son for being more melodramatic than him following a rather horrible event. The IIPBA investigates.

The Discussion

On Saturday night Tony Blair turned down an invite to a wine and cheese evening with his colleagues in the illuminati, took his WH Smiths fountain pen and wrote an article for The Observer. He criticised his spiritual son for claiming that this month's riots exposed Britain's "sick" society and rubbished suggestions from Cameron that the UK is in "moral decline".

Tony Blair has always been famous for being measured in his language. He rarely used opportunities such as murders in 1993 to, in his words, "elevate issues into a highfalutin wail".

Concluding Comments

1. Tony hates it when David is better at being Tony

2. Terry Wogan is right again. He told the Sunday Telegraph that, "We’ve all been aware of this running sore for years, and been content to let it be, as long as it didn’t intrude. Now it has, and we all have to come out from behind the chaise-longue and face the music".

3. Dave has had to come back from another holiday in Cornwall this week, but The Daily Mail, wait for it, is still angry about him trying to achieve one full holiday a summer.

Here's to Terry Wogan.

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