9 August 2011

Live reaction - David Cameron - The Press Conference

As Dave emerged from the black door of No10, the youths on the streets of England's cities stopped to listen. They put down their knives and petrol bombs, replaced the £3 shoes they had stolen from the Primark window display and tuned into BBC 24 news.

The Prime Minister's words to the people / office workers who watched him on their flat screen TV's

He said that it was "criminality, pure and simple" and that 16,000 police officers would patrol the streets of London. He looked sincere and we liked this. Office workers up and down the country looked relieved. One youth in Hackney who tuned in on his iphone muttered, "is that Nick Clegg?" Others carried on playing FIFA 2010 on their brand new x-box and widescreen TV.

Elsewhere, Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow does a walkabout of her local area and talks to people. Someone says "she's like the Queen mum". Dave returns to his "bunker" (remember that? Brown's bunker) to take on some "serious work". He watches some more action on the TV and he shakes his head.


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