26 August 2011

Thinking paper #74: Painting Mr Clegg blue

By Maude Bollingsworth


Whilst last night’s attack on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has rung some alarm bells over his security, there are more important questions to be asked (a) Why was the paint blue? And (b) what will the consequences be on the search for Nick Clegg’s smile?

Painting Mr Clegg blue

1. The obvious. It was the “youths” favourite colour. He’s always loved blue. Blue, blue, blue.

2. It was an advertising stunt for the new Smurf movie

3. Ah wait, of course. It was a not so subtle attempt to point out to the people of Britain that Clegg's favourite colour is now a royal Tory blue. I’m blue da da de da da da.

The search continues

Nick Clegg’s smile has been missing now for over a year. I for one have always thought that he had a very pretty smile and that it really brought out his haircut. The IIPBA stands by Nick Clegg during this time of sadness and is here to support him in any way we can.

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