30 August 2011

Thinking Paper #75: A Tribute to Gabriel Milland

By Ron Ford-Golightly and Tim Massingberd-James


Always quick off the mark, the IIPBA would like to send a warm congratulations to Gabriel Milland, for his recent appointment as Head of News at the Department for Education (last week - sorry Gabriel). We understand that he is due to join at the end of September. According to a man we asked at random in the street, Gabriel might be planning to use the interim for a "staycation" which will involve gin and tonics for lunch and painting the spare bedroom. Whilst this is not true, it does sound lovely.

The Department For Education - The Arms Race begins

One Paul Staines says that Milland's appointment marks another brick in the expansion of Gove's empire on Great Smith Street. Erm, good for Gove. We advise that he also raid the Chancellor's office for the young and the charming, Rupert Harrison IV of Wingbourne. Rupert would bring aristocratic credentials, a pair of brightly coloured socks and some well polished shoes to the operation.

An apology

At the offices of the IIPBA a few weeks ago, we couldn't help noticing that, less than 24 hours after Gabriel Milland drew attention to our work on twitter, an advert appeared for his job as Head of Press at the Policy Exchange. At the time, we were concerned that Mr Milland had decided to hand in his notice after learning about our new think tank, and realising that the Policy Exchange would never meet our exacting standards. Thankfully, however, he just got offered a better job. We are glad about this, as he seems like a good bloke.

Concluding Comments

To mark the accession of Milland to empire Gove, the IIPBA will be dedicating some of its time this week to exploring the latest in government education policy with a focus on fat kids, bullying, Jamie Oliver and overcrowding in classrooms. The IIPBA is also considering putting an outside bet on Milland being a future Secretary of State for Think Tanks in a Gove cabinet, but our petty cash reserves are low after our each way bet on Boris Johnson in the Olympic 100m final.

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