2 August 2011

Thinking Paper #40 - The sum of all of its parts.

By Roger Daring XXIV


The IIPBA welcomes the unveiling of Mr Steve Hilton’s brilliant policy initiatives.

The Sum of All of Its Parts

Whilst some have suggested that his ideas resemble the ‘crazed mutterings of a shoeless berk’, Hilton - long term policy advisor of David Cameron and acolyte of the Post Bureaucratic age - has in fact been lauded as the main berk behind the ‘Big Society’, that policy about “people doing more things and stuff”. This spark of brilliance led to the creation of ‘Urban Economic Zones’ - small parts of Britain with reduced government regulation that he describes as ‘little big societies’, ‘the big littles’ or ‘the biggles’.

The IIPBA has decided to support the Conservative Government & Friends in implementing the Post-Bureaucratic Big Society Federation of Little Societies by producing a report which we will present to belittling biggles at our IIPBA Annual Conference.

We asked the British public, ‘If a Big Society is the sum of lots of Little Societies, what size would the Little Societies have to be to make a Big Society a bit bigger than just one Little Society?’

The results
  • 75% said it would have to be ‘some sort of huge society’.
  • 61% felt that ‘the biggles’ was an inappropriate name for a government policy initiative.
  • 23% felt that it was improper for Mr Hilton to wander the corridors of Millbank Tower barefoot. How strongly respondents felt about this matter correlated with their proximity to Millbank Tower, with 100% of those who felt ‘very strongly’ actually working ‘within’ or ‘very near to’ Mr Hilton’s office.
Concluding Remarks

On the basis of our findings, the IIPBA supports Mr Hilton’s most recent assertion that ‘one man and his dog went to mow a meadow.’

We suggest that Big Littler Cameron further surrounds himself with berks, economic mystics and gentleman with a profound propensity towards saying ‘Yes’ so as to increase the efficiency of our transition to post-bureaucracy.

We invite Mr Hilton to comment on the findings of our report at our IIPBA Annual Conference which is to be held in December on a small Ferris Wheel in Scunthorpe.

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