8 August 2011

Thinking Paper # 48: Are police getting it right, wrong, Kay Burley or something?

The IIPBA brings you a rolling blog of the war currently raging between police who are trying to do their jobs, kids who want to go back to school and media lizards who like filming it all in the hope of seeing a window get smashed.

17:21 A window gets smashed in Hackney - someone in a newsroom gets an erection

17:30 Someone says that the police are being too heavy handed. Others suggest that unemployed teenagers should be killed. The remainder of the population go home to drink a bottle of wine in front of a DVD.

17:45 The Home Secretary is still "really trying" to get home from her holiday

17:52 Lynne Featherstone spotted in the Pizza Express in Victoria - conference call with other European Equality Ministers?

17:56 Editors at the BBC panic over which scene of someone smashing something to include in the 6 o'clock news

17.57 Sky's main posh sounding twit Jake Britton is beside London Fields. It is, he says "his neck of the woods", but he seems scared to venture to Hackney Central. Over there, he understands, you can't even get a mochalatichino.

18:01 BBC 6 o'clock news goes with images of police brutality and Nick Clegg dressed up as Theresa May, Home Secretary

18.02 - Just heard a siren in the nice, affluent area of London where I live in listed Georgian town house. Maybe I should move to Buckinghamshire - Tim Massingberd-James

18:05 Someone pretending to be Theresa May appears on ITV. Lynne Featherstone spotted leaving Pizza Express in Victoria. Heading home for wine and a DVD?

18:08 Latest statistics just in -more people taking photographs on their iphones in Hackney than throwing something at the police

18.22 - Time to clock off for the day. It's bound to quieten down when it gets dark anyway.

20.22 Our reporter Ron Ford Golightly has returned from the frontline in Peckham to reveal that Greggs has been burnt out. Meanwhile, Tim Massingberd-James has visited Lewisham, discovering Tesco is closed and it is full of 'youths'

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