19 August 2011

Thinking Paper # 62: Kay Burley and The Daily Mail - A few of my favourite things‏

By Ron Ford-Golightly


I want to talk about two of my favourite things: Kay Burley and the Daily Mail comments page. Kay Burley is a news reader who is 50 years old. Her recent bout of cosmetic surgery generated 137 comments on the Daily Mail comments section - this excited me very much. My favourite comment came from Tony in Birmingham who said "Great looking woman, but as thick as army mince", but there were so many good ones to choose from.The background

I fell in love with Kay Burley in a voyeuristic fashion in 2007 after getting a job in which I was paid to watch her on Sky News 5 days a week. I love her the way I love watching those "bodyshock" documentaries on Channel 4 featuring the 100 stone man or other such human tragedies. My two favourite Kay Burley moments are: (1) when she made Peter Andre cry (2) when she claimed that the whole eastern seaboard of the United States had been destroyed on 9/11 and (3) when she asked the wife of the Suffolk Strangler if she could have prevented it through sex. I also really like it when she gets visibly excited about an international humanitarian crisis.

The main theme in the Kay Burley comments page was that she should also get a "personality transplant". Sometimes the forum users are bitter, other times they are aggressive, but mostly they are stupid.

Things to be concerned about

Approximately 5 million people in the UK read the Daily Mail and it has the second biggest newspaper website in the world. It also once supported the Nazi's. Kay Burley is also watched by millions and is a bit nasty. Sometimes the government change policy direction because of angry comments from the Daily Mail. The End.

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