19 August 2011

Thinking Paper #63 - Were the riots caused by a lack of post-bureaucracy?

By Tim Massingberd-James


Our glorious leader, Rt Hon David Cameron MP, thinks the recent riots in England were caused by the lack of Post-Bureaucracy. The IIPBA must step up and accept its share of responsibility for this crisis.

Were the riots caused by a lack of Post-Bureaucracy?

During Monday' speech on the recent riots, the Prime Minister tried to uncover the causes of the crisis.

He outlined the need for action on a number of fronts, placing the blame directly at the door of, amongst other things:

"...bureaucratic problems in our society..."

At the offices of the Institute for Ideas in a Post-Bureaucratic Age, work stopped as these words were uttered, and everyone clustered round the Sky News box in the corner of the room.

The IIPBA has been striving for months and years to bring about the Post Bureaucratic Age and here our Prime Minister was outlining that our failure was the cause of riots and looting in the streets.

If only Post-Bureaucracy had been easier to achieve we might have prevented the scenes which hit towns and cities around the country two weeks ago.


The IIPBA must try harder to bring about complete Post-Bureaucracy. It is clear from the speech given by the Prime Minister that the IIPBA is not fit for purpose.

A source close to Tim Massingberd-James said: "As Co-Director of the IIPBA Tim offered his resignation this lunchtime, but as everyone else was at a long, boozy lunch at White's, no one was available to accept it. He has, therefore, decided to stay on as Co-Director, to attempt to help steer the IIPBA through the choppy waters ahead."

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