16 November 2011

Thinking Paper #201: The real Uros zone‏

By Ron Ford Golightly


According to reports, the euro plummeted again on Tuesday as some greasy little bond trader in Mayfair betted against Italy and Spain ever being prosperous again. Apparently bonds then climbed to unsustainable levels, investors caught euro zone contagion and a dog died in France. If, like the IIPBA, you are a little tired of listening to this kind of nonsense, we have some good news.


I say good news, it's more an excuse to tell you about a slightly more harmonious and human sounding Uros zone.

The Uros zone is an area of floating villages on Lake Titicaca populated by Andean villagers. There are no bureaucrats, coffee shops, Daily Mail readers, Silvio Berlusconis or Nick Cleggs.

Concluding comments

That's all really. In an ideal world, the IIPBA would love to relocate its headquarters to the Uros zone, go fishing everyday and fleece young backpacker sorts from Australia in exchange for them taking a picture of our floating house.

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