2 November 2011

Thinking Paper # 185: Chloe Smith, Chloe Smith (aa-haaa)

By Roniford Golightly on the way
Chloe Smith MP done her first stint as Economic Secretary in the House yesterday and said things like "the bank of England is those wot set the interest rates".  She did really well - congratulations Chloe.
What else did she say?
"I bloody love plan A"
"When I was a lass, I used to be able to buy a can of coke for a thrupny bit"
What the media had to say
That she's a 29 year old "Ice Maiden" with as much economic experience as a stray dog with three legs and a skin infection (woof).  Two things:
(1) she's got shit loads of well good economists working for her (hasn't she?  that's what the Treasury do don't they?).  If I had thousands of economists telling me what to say I reckon I could learn some lines and repeat them in front of people.  In fact I reckon I'd be well good at it.
(2) George Osborne did a freaking History degree and he's the chuffing Chancellor.  George - the IIPBA thinks that you are doing a really good job under difficult circumstances.  It's not easy being you and we are well aware of this. 
Concluding comments
Macaulay Culkin was only 10 when he did Home Alone and that film was brilliant. 


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