25 November 2011

Friday Thinking Points

It's Friday thinking points dear followers:
  • The IIPBA understands that Civil Servants will only permit girls with "substantial puppies" and people with "funny sounding names" during their week long stint working as Border guards. The IIPBA considers this juvenile but essential.
  • Ed Miliband contines to prove to his detractors that he is well and truly beyond satire. "It would be like punching a child in the face" said one well known political satirist we spoke to (thanks Roger)
  • Celebrities accused newspapers this week of giving the public what they want. When asked, the public voted unanimously in favour of allowing newspapers to feed them celebrity shite for ever and ever and ever and ever.
  • The IIPBA congratulates Roads Minister, Mike Penning, for sticking to his guns and refusing to increase the toll on the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing. The crossing is a bridge and tunnel link in the M25 around London and suffers from severe congestion. Mike said a big "sod off" to suggestions of a 50p increase and the IIPBA congratulates him for this.
  • Oh and Michael Gove gets antsy about children not knowing who King Edward II is. He's dead, that's who he is. Gabriel, have a word won't you please?

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