11 November 2011

Friday Thinking Points

It's your favourite part of Friday, other than leaving work for the pub.  The IIPBA brings you its thoughts on some of Westminster's comings and goings this week.
  • Big Jeremy "Jezza" Heywood has won his latest battle with Steve Hilton in the cock pit that is No10.  Steve wanted to make women work whilst breastfeeding babies and cooking his tea, whilst Jeremy thought that this was a bit unfair.  Jezza is said to be "relaxed" about his dealings with Hilton given that Hilton behaves like a 12 year old who has only got half way through the book 'Nudge'.  Keep up the good work Jezza.
  • France is said to be drawing up plans to leave the EU and create a breakaway organisation under the new name of France.  Germany is also said to be considering similar plans, but more along the lines of calling it Germany.  The Greeks are said to still not really care that much.
  • Justine Greening faced her first big test as Secretary of State for Transport this week following accusations that her plans to update the MOT tests schedules were "reckless".  Sources close to Justine suggest that she deeply regrets ever becoming a politician in the first place and that she's considering a career as a beekeeper.
  • According to three different reports on UK housing this week, average prices are said to have increased by 10%, decreased by 15% and largley stagnated.  The IIPBA is looking to relocate to a house boat.
  • Frankie "it's really cool to do Coke" Cocozza of X-factor fame gets more media attention than Armistice day, the Eurozone crisis and David Cameron's bald spot put together.    

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