7 November 2011

Thinking Paper #191 - My Big Fat Greek Solution

By Jamie Harrop Co-Editor of The Starr Blog


So Greece's smurf-like father figure Papa Dreou has withdrawn plans to, in X-Factor style, put the state of the economy to a public vote. Highlighting just how mad things in Greece must be and also how Simon Cowell and friends have missed a trick. If there was a chance to vote people out on XFactor instead of currently where you can just vote people in I would be voting everyday! (Frankie Corcoza, Frankie Corcoza.....)

My Big Fat Greek Solution

Papa Dreou's surprise decision to call a referendum reportedly made President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel faint and swoon simultaneously. Following his decision to scrap the referendum Papa Dreou bravely stated " I don't care about being re-elected" he later added, somewhat less bravely "I know I'm screwed."

A new deal is thought to be struck. With billions of pounds in loans from somewhere going to cancel a billion pound debt somewhere else in a fiscal system described by one financial expert as "just throwing ludicrous amounts of money around in the hope it will sort it all out."


So what's the solution? I hear you ask! Cancel all the debts? Scrap the Euro? Scrap everything, start again and pretend none of it ever happened? Probably all of these. My experience of Greece involves a number of Greek restaurants I have dined at. The service was chaotic, the waiters a bit mad and the food was alright. There is however one great, 'better than the rest of the world' product I did notice, that I believe the Greeks should base the entire rebuild of their economy on, one unique item the Greeks have.... Smashing plates.


  1. Tim Massingberd-James7 November 2011 at 10:42

    I agree. Those Greek chaps do have absolutely smashing plates. Decent yoghurt as well I seem to recall.

  2. Due to fears of a double-dip recession, the Greeks have stopped making humus and taramasalata.


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