4 November 2011

Thinking Paper # 189: Should map makers be allowed to stare at tits using taxpayers money?

By Ron Ford Golightly


"Broken Britain" is finally here (remember that?). Even the good people of the map making world, Ordnance Survey, have been caught out staring at boobs. Naughty map makers.


Ordnance Survey officials have always been a sexy bunch. Remember the great daisy chain fiasco of 08? Now, according to credit card statements, OS staff spent £4.99 whilst dining at a "raunchy" Hooter restaurant in the US. A spokesman for Ordnance Survey insisted that its staff attended the restaurants only because they employed such lovely waitresses. He added, "map making isn't easy you know."

Local government minister Grant Shapps said something rather annoying that missed the point and Francis Maude turned round for a moment from watching the cricket on his television in his office and said that tighter controls on use of the cards had cut spending on them. Woo-hoo. You go Franny.

Concluding comments

The IIPBA bloody loves maps, particularly OS maps. We think that the taxpayer can stretch to ensuring that the good men and women of OS get to eat when working out of town. If they get to stare at tits in the process, it really doesn't matter.

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